Zonal championship of Ukraine, tournament for schoolchildren: “Name of Eliseev”
Greco-Roman wrestling was held in Kamenskoye on March 12-14, 2018.

Within the walls of the cultural and sports center “Dneprovets” PJSC “Dneprovsky metkombinat” in the zonal championship of Ukraine, in which schoolchildren competed in 2003-2004, there were 137 wrestlers from 12 teams:ZonaUkr_uchactZonaUkr_komandIvan Stefansky (Kamenskoye-Dnipro) was close to the title, but lost in the last fight and took only second place. Another Sergei Rudenko (Junior school №3) became the fifth.ZonaUkr_prizerThanks to the eminent countryman, the master of sports of the USSR, the famous coach Eliseev, for less age fighters (2006-2009), in parallel, in the same hall, on the adjacent carpet, the open city championship was held, in which 47 fighters from 9 commands:Eliseev_komandYuri Lavrovich, who celebrated his 79th birthday on that day, inspired his children to graeco-roman wrestling and handed prizes to the winners with his own example and adequate professional athlete longevity.20180313_182713Greco-Roman wrestling association of the city of Dnepr congratulates Kuripko Gleb, who trains under the leadership of Maxim Osnyachy,
who took 3 places in the weight category up to 32 kg.Kuripko120180313_182748


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