Vivid emotions, a thirst for victory and a world-class sports star. European Champions in Greco-Roman wrestling Armen Vardanyan, as well as the silver prize-winner of the Olympic Games in London Valery Andrejtsev and the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro Jean Belenyuk visited the opening of the children’s wrestling league.

The event took place in the very center of the capital – the shopping and entertainment complex “Gulliver”. Open training and demonstration performances of young wrestlers. The main goal is to educate strong, courageous, confident men who are so needed for Ukraine. In the first match of the league two Kyiv clubs on Greco-Roman wrestling “named after Ivan Bogdan” and the sports club “Na Podol” met each other. Seven-year-old David has not yet impressed with the dimensions and his opponent in the category “up to 25 kg” won very confidently. For this he used his favorite techniques. But not only technical techniques and physical readiness athletes were amazed by a large number of fans.

Ten fights passed in one breath. After – gifts, letters and even prize money. And the stars of the event announced a charity auction. The one who wins the lot for an individual training with Jean Belenyuk will get unforgettable emotions not only from sparring with a star. All proceeds from the event will go to purchase equipment for the capital center of eye microsurgery.




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