(Русский) Чемпионат Украины по греко-римской борьбе среди взрослых до 23 лет.


In Kharkov from 02 to 04 February, 2017, in the athletics arena HTZ, Ukraine was held Championship of Greco-Roman wrestling among adults under 23 years old.

The staff of the Federation with the support of our fans who accompanied the team to the competition, congratulates Vladislav Voronoi I place in the weight category up to 130 kg. and Vladimir Yakovlev, who took the III place in the weight category up to 75 kg. Vladislav Shushemoin (130 kg.) also fought for the III place unfortunately lost to Vasily Velichko from Odessa.

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Video final bouts by Category:

The award ceremony in the weight category up to 75 kg. and up to 130 kg.

Full video of the first day of the competition:

Full video of the second day of the competition: